Recently a group from the transition year mini company won the best overall company in North Cork. The company are known as GrassGirls. They produce transparent, waterproof gender stickers for newborn calves. How this product works is simple. The blue sticker will represent a bull calf (male) and the pink sticker will represent a heifer calf (female). Their product is very beneficial for farmers as it is less time consuming. Without our product the farmer would have to go check the gender of the animal before they sell them to other farmers or in the mart. Also it will make sure the farmer doesn’t sell the wrong gender calf to another farmer. This would cause great confusion and without product they are avoiding this issue. The girls are very fortunate to have a well-known company called Cormac Tagging behind them. There are two main companies in Ireland that produce ear tags, and Cormac Tagging is one of them. They also let the girls set up their own slot on their website for them, so farmers can buy their product off their website. Their next competition is this Friday the 31st of March, where they will compete with another school from North Cork. Best of luck!