School Trustees & Ethos


St. Mary’s is a CEIST School

Five Catholic Religious Congregations have been engaged in post primary education for over three and a half centuries – Daughters of Charity, Presentation Sisters, Sisters of the Christian Retreat, Sisters of Mercy, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.  They have, in the spirit of their Founders, together established CEIST – Catholic Education, an Irish Schools Trust, thus providing a new moral and legal trustee framework enabling their schools to continue to offer post-primary Catholic education into the future as a viable option and as an integral part of the Irish school system.

  • CEIST is built on the founding vision of the five Congregations, emphasising the dignity and rights of the human person, empowering the most vulnerable in society and enabling young people to become catalysts for social transformation throughout the world.
  • CEIST is committed to honouring this rich heritage, promoting inclusion, hospitality, excellence and compassion in a teaching and learning environment inspired by the Gospel and by the unique wisdom of its respective Founders.
  • CEIST aims, in a spirit of collaboration, to continually invite its members to reach their potential, in the context of a school faith community which seeks to consciously embody a true expression of the Reign of God as announced by Jesus Christ.
  • CEIST is committed to building school faith communities where good personal relationships are fostered, where the staff are supported and facilitated in their vital role within the school.
  • CEIST faces unprecedented challenges today as it attempts to anticipate, define and meet the evolving needs of young people in the Third Millennium.
  • CEIST schools endeavour to work closely with members of other Christian traditions in a spirit of ecumenical dialogue, emphasising what is held in common while valuing their own unique Catholic identity and Church community.
  • CEIST engages with all people of good will to promote a preferential option for those made poor, to take action for justice, and to exercise care of the earth in a spirit of respect and welcome for diversity.