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Sky Sports: Living for Sports

The Transition Year students are currently taking part in the Sky Sports Living for Sports programme. This programme aims to boost confidence, change behaviors, increase attainment and improve life skills. This is the first year that Transition Year have taken part in this project. This project is a free secondary initiative that uses sports stars and sports skills.

Guest Speaker Dermot Gascoyne

On the 3rd of March, a special guest speaker visited the Sky Sport Living for Sport participants, in St. Mary’s. This special guest was Dermot Gascoyne. Dermot is a former international heavyweight boxer from Sheffield, Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. He is now an Athlete Mentor that works with Sky Sports Living for Sports. He offers his expertise to school that have completed Sky Sports Living for Sports projects and help them to continue to develop and improve their students’ lives through sport.

The T.Y’s from St. Mary’s project is to help and mentor students who play sport and try to encourage more students to play sports. They will also be helping out in all areas of sport in the school with training and attending matches. So far they have done:

Completed Projects

  1. A team building course with 1st years
  2. A 2nd  year camogie blitz

They also have events coming which include:

  1. A Zumba class with St. Joseph’s Foundation
  2. Basketball with St. Anne’s  primary school
  3. A soccer tournament with the Holy Family School
  4. A sports day for 1st  years