Full regular uniform must be worn at all times unless otherwise designated by Management. The uniform must be kept clean and presentable.

Full uniform consists of:

Blouse: St Marys – Blue and white striped. 

Skirt: St Marys- Navy – 3 Pleated- knee length. 

Tights: Navy tights/socks.

 Black Leggings/tights are not acceptable

Jumper: Navy jumper with school crest.

Shoes: Black/Navy shoes (not brown) suitable for school, keeping in mind the importance of a young person’s posture and safety. Pumps or canvas type shoes are not acceptable. 

Runners are required for PE only (nonmark soles) and are not to be regarded as shoes for school. 

Jacket: Navy school jacket with crest. It is essential that the school jacket/scarf is worn if wearing a jacket/scarf to school. Any other jacket/scarf will be confiscated. 

Please ensure the students name is clearly marked on the name tags provided on the jacket. Student property is entirely the students full responsibility. 

A minimum of jewellery (watch, 2 rings, 1 bracelet, 1 simple gold/silver chain and a max. of 2 small ear studs in ear lobe only) is allowed. 

Other piercings e.g. nose, upper ear, eyebrow etc., is totally unacceptable and in breach of school policy. Students may be asked to remove these immediately and these will be confiscated. 

Fashion accessories, make-up, fake nails and fake tan, are not allowed. 

Excess jewellery and accessories will be confiscated and kept in school until the end of school year. 

Hair colour and hair styles, should be in keeping with the general appearance of the school uniform, as deemed appropriate by management. 

In the event of incorrect uniform, (including make-up, accessories etc) a student may be placed on detention during lunchtime or her lunch time privilege may be withdrawn for a given period decided by Management. 

 Further breaches of this rule may result in the issuing of probation cards or further sanctions as outlined in sanctions section of this journal.